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A Few Proper Uses Of Dog Diapers

A Few Proper Uses Of Dog Diapers

When it comes to dogs, housebreaking can be a frustrating ordeal. As silly as it may seem, this is why some people use dog diapers. Depending on the dog, it could be a simple endeavor, but for most dogs, it will probably not work very well.

Pets have become a huge part of many people's lives. Many people consider their pets a part of the family and care for them no differently than they would care for a child. People who have small animals in cages will probably never have to worry about many accidents happening on the floor, and people with cats tend to find litter box training to be simple, but dogs are a different story.

In most cases, diapers and puppies are not going to be a good match. Puppies tend to be hyper, love to chew on everything, and greatly enjoy ripping things up. If you believe you are going to put a diaper on a healthy, active pup and he or she won't notice it's there, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and a big mess.

Putting these devices on a puppy might seem like a great solution to keeping your floors free from little spots of pee and tiny piles of poop. However, if you think you can put this kind of material on a puppy without meeting any resistance, you will probably be mistaken. Just like you have to train a puppy to accept a collar and a leash, if you want him to accept his diaper, training must be involved.

It is relatively simple to get puppies used to being in a collar. They might scratch at it and try to get it off, but because its not within reach of their mouths, eventually they will give up and accept it. The same cannot be said about diapers. If you want a puppy to accept his diaper, you will have to spend a lot of time getting him or her used to it and give a lot of rewards for leaving it alone.

Some people are able to keep their female dogs, who are in heat, in diapers. If she does not rip it off, it can spare you cleaning up spots of blood on the floor. However, not changing it frequently can lead to infections, so you must make sure to keep her clean. A diaper will also not protect her against male dogs mating with her.

Older dogs will probably be more willing to leave a diaper in place, but diapers are really only recommended for dogs who are very old/suffering from incontinence. Once a dog gets to a certain age, even if it's housebroken, accidents are bound to happen. Sick dogs, who are not able to get up, can benefit from the use of a diaper, as long as you make sure to change it often.

Dogs who suffer from arthritis are not able to get around very easily. Even if they are trying to make it to the door, sometimes the pain is too great and they are not able to make it. This is another acceptable reason to use dog diapers.