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Benefits Of Doggie Pee Pads For Potty Training

Benefits Of Doggie Pee Pads For Potty Training

Most pet owners train their dogs to relieve themselves outdoors, but it is sometimes necessary to teach your puppy to have an indoor potty area, especially in the winter months. This method is more commonly used by small dog owners, or those who live in high rise apartments. Here are some benefits of obtaining pee pads for the purpose of training your dog.

There are some important things to understand when training your puppy at home. Dogs have no sense of what is right and what is wrong, so the best technique is to come up with a routine using wee-wee pads. By being consistent and patient with your training, your puppy will soon understand what is expected of him or her. Just make sure you allow plenty of time for learning.

Housebreaking puppies has never been so easy with the help of these pads. The heavy duty, super-absorbent training pads are made in such a way to attract your puppy towards them. He will then be able to eliminate on the pad in a natural manner.

You can use repetitive words such as "go potty" in a positive tone of voice. Your dog may appear shy or confused at first, and after a few accidents, he will learn the routine. The trick is to use lots of praise and make a big deal every time he uses the potty pad. Reward your puppy with a little treat and he will then associate the praise with good behavior.

Once you place it in a suitable location in the house, you can gradually move the pad towards the door, and eventually outside. The main purpose of this pad is to train the puppy not to relieve himself on your carpet or furniture. This way, you will have a cleaner and more sanitized home.

Look out for the puppy's behavior when he is looking for a spot to do his potty. He may start walking around and sniffing the floor as if he is looking for something. Try and place the pad immediately in front of him. He will soon catch on to the idea. Make sure your dog does not think that pee time is play time. As long as you stick to the same routine at the same time every day, he will get used to bathroom times and start holding his bladder until it is time to wee.

These helpful pads have a special scent to attract the puppy towards them, as well as to prevent indoor accidents. After your puppy has finished eliminating on the absorbent pad, you can easily dispose it by throwing it away with the rest of the garbage. The plastic lining on each pad prevents any damage to your carpet or rugs.

Pee pads are so versatile that they can be used on a daily basis. Even vets use them to accommodate pets' housebreaking needs. A good quality doggie pad is machine washable, which means you save money, as well as the environment. By washing the pad instead of disposing it in the garbage, you will protect the planet from unnecessary waste.