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Change Your Young Dog's Behavior And Save Your Carpets With Puppy Training Pads

Change Your Young Dog's Behavior And Save Your Carpets With Puppy Training Pads

When bringing a new pup home, the immediate priority should be to teach them your house rules. Getting them to understand that they cannot poop and wee wherever they feel like should be at the top of your agenda. There are many products that can be used to potty train a young dog, for example puppy training pads. How successful and quick your pup becomes trained will in part depend upon your patience and the amount of time you dedicate to the activity.

A puppy training pad can be used when trying to instill the right kind of behavior. They typically consist of a thick and absorbent surface, and are often impregnated with a scent that actually encourages your dog to use the pad instead of relieving themselves on your carpet. They are also a product of value when caring for a sick pet that cannot control their urge to go the toilet.

If you were to get ten dog owners in a room and ask them for their advice on how to housebreak a pup, there is every chance you would be given ten different suggestions. That being said, the training pad system has gained in popularity over the last few years. If you are to achieve the results that you desire through using this product, it is important to get off to the right start.

To begin with you will need to confine you pup to one particular room. A good choice would be the kitchen as here as any accident would be easy to clean. Do not attempt to initiate the training process in a room that has expensive flooring.

You should take a single pad, place it on the floor, and make sure your dog is made aware of it. Hopefully, due to the pad's scent, the pup will get the urge to relieve themselves on it. If they do use it as they are supposed to, make sure you give them ample praise. It is important to congratulate good behavior rather than be negative about bad. The more consistent you are in giving praise, the quicker behavior can be modified.

If they do not seem inclined to use the designated product, you may need to pick them up and actually place them on it when you observe that they are relieving themselves. In time they will understand where you expect them to go the toilet. Do not get frustrated if it takes some days for them to understand. Also, you should expect to have to clean up the odd accident every so often.

Once they are using the pad consistently, you should then move it closer to a door. Allow them some days to get used to to new location. The next step would be to place the pad outside where hopefully it will become habitual for them to go when they get the call of nature.

Using puppy training pads is relatively easy. With commitment and care you can quickly train your new dog. For the cost of this product you can save having your flooring ruined.