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Dog Diapers Are Not Just Another Fashion Accessory

Dog Diapers Are Not Just Another Fashion Accessory

Some dog lovers cannot resist dressing up their pets. There are doggy sweaters for pooches living in cold climates, and diamond collars for those with indulgent owners. When a beloved animal companion must wear dog diapers, however, it is not just to look cute. Chances are the animal is very young and not yet totally house-broken, or an older dog who is having age-related physical issues causing incontinence.

Aging commonly brings many of the same symptoms to dogs that are suffered by elderly people. Cancer, arthritis, kidney failure, joint problems and a host of other health issues are often related to the passage of time. When illnesses do occur, surgery may be necessary, and the side effects can include difficulty controlling both types of elimination.

An operation may cause even housebroken dogs to have difficulty maintaining their previous habits. The daily walk may become too difficult, but holding in urine indoors may be impossible. While that situation is usually temporary, wearing a comfortable, absorbent garment that catches waste not only prevents messes, but is good for the mental well-being of everyone involved.

Puppies are excellent candidates for these protective garments. During the training process there may be times when an owner may need to be away from home for a considerable period of time, and a diaper prevents an active puppy from tracking an accidental mess all over the house. Non-spayed females also go into heat periodically, and may need to wear protection against normal physical excretions.

These garments are similar in design to human baby diapers, and are sold in most pet supply stores, or through your veterinarian. They are worn just like those designed for people, fitting snugly around the legs to prevent leakage of blood, urine or feces. They come in disposable or washable styles, and are composed of materials intended to be non-irritating, such as all-cotton fibers.

Disposables are specially made to match the contours of your dog. They not only fit snugly around the stomach with a snug, elastic waistband, but also include a special cut-out for that wagging tail. They are easy to put on, slip conveniently over the back legs, and have easy fasteners. Washable styles often have closures on the sides, and may have a space for an absorbent insert pad.

If possible, bring your dog to a pet-friendly supply store ahead of a planned surgery, and find out which size fits properly. Remember that your pet has sensitive skin, and all that fur will not protect against the irritation of bodily waste left in place for long periods of time. Some owners use moist wipes for cleanups between changes, because too much bathing can dry out the skin.

Not only do dog diapers save owners from dealing with unpleasant accidents, but they make the pet feel better too. In cases where an elderly dog needs to wear these garments full-time, they help create a higher quality of life for everyone involved. The animals stay happier and feel better, retain their own personal sense of dignity, and are not as subject to unpleasant mishaps.