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Housebreaking With Puppy Training Pads

Housebreaking With Puppy Training Pads

One of the most stressful parts about bringing a new pup into the home can be teaching it not to go potty on the floor. Most people believe puppies are cute, lovable, little balls of fluff, but in order for them (and you) to happily coexist inside with the rest of the family, housebreaking should be one of your top priorities. For some people, using puppy training pads makes the process easier.

No matter what, if your dog is outside, it should always have shelter. A lot of people choose to keep their dogs outside in order to avoid the stress of housebreaking, but if you do keep your pup outside, he or she should have access to fresh water and a place to escape the elements. If you want your pup to be an inside dog, training should begin the moment they arrive home.

By using treats and positive reinforcement, many tricks can easily be taught to puppies. When it comes to going to the bathroom, however, it is not always so simple. Nevertheless, even older puppies can be housebroken, if you are willing to stick to a schedule, practice a lot of patience, and vow to be vigilant throughout the process.

Designating a specific area for the pup to relieve himself can be a wonderful way to keep him from going all over the house. That being said, you will still have to train him to understand that that area is his bathroom. Puppies are not going to learn where to pee and poop on their own. It is up to you to show them, and keep showing them until they comprehend.

Some people keep their pups in a crate or small room when they are not there to supervise. Keeping puppies in a crate overnight is a great way to assist in housebreaking, but you will still have to get up throughout the night and take the pup outside to go potty. Creating a regular routine can make learning go faster.

When a pup is old enough to "hold it", eventually you will not have to make so many trips outside, but while he is still young, expect to take him out several times a night and as often as you can during the day. People who live in apartments may find placing a pad in a corner of a room to be an effective way to keep their pup from using the whole apartment as their bathroom, but if the goal is to eventually get the puppy to only go outside, more work will have to be done.

Most people believe praise and reward to be the most effective way to train dogs of all ages. Housebreaking is no different. It is not usually a fast process, but it can sometimes be done relatively quickly with pads.

Covering all of your floors with newspapers can help spare the carpet, but newspapers are not very absorbent. One of the reasons people use puppy training pads is because one pad can be used several times, which means it's cleaner while still holding the familiar scent. Once the pup understands the pad is where he is to relieve himself, it can be moved outside.