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How Dog Diapers Can Help Address The Problem Of Urinary Incontinence

How Dog Diapers Can Help Address The Problem Of Urinary Incontinence

Having a pet dog can be a very rewarding experience. Most offer a form of unconditional love and affection which is not available elsewhere. If you have a dog that is suffering from urinary incontinence or a similar problem, you may be anxious to find a way to stop them emptying their bladder on your carpets. In such a scenario, scolding is unlikely to work, especially if the behavior stems from a genuine medical problem. Instead, you may want to explore the option of using dog diapers.

Whether you are considering heading down to your local pet store to check out their diaper products, or if you are planning to order such a product online, you should make sure that you choose the right design. Those that you choose should fit your furry friend perfectly, if not the result can be leaks and skin irritation.

Do not opt for a random product. You will need to purchase diapers that have been designed for the specific breed, as well as the age and weight. You may wonder how you can weigh your dog, after all they are unlikely to voluntarily stand on your bathroom scales. What you should do is weigh yourself and then hold your pet in your arms and check your combined weight. Deduct your weight from the total and you will now exactly how heavy your pet is.

You will also need to make note of their waist measurement. The product you choose will need to fit your pet's waist snugly if it is to be effective. When your dog is standing, take a piece of string and measure around the waist, ensuring that their genitalia will be covered by the diaper.

Consider whether you should buy a disposable product or those made from cloth. If your pet will need to wear diapers on a regular basis, choose a cloth design. These would be more affordable as they can be reused multiple times. What's more, cloth designs are more eco-friendly than the disposable variety. The disposable option is less messy, but should be kept only for short term use.

The price of the diapers should give you an idea of their quality. The cheapest product may not have a soft lining. This is an issue to be aware of as their continual usage can lead to damaged and irritated skin. It is worth spending a little more on a product that has an absorbent and soft lining.

On a cautionary note, when removing the diaper from your pet, do so with caution. It would be sensible to wear gloves so that your skin does not come into contact with urine or fecal matter. There can be bacteria present which would cause illness.

Dog diapers may look strange when used but they do serve a very practical purpose. As a pet owner you probably understand the importance of caring for your furry friend. Nobody wants to keep having to clean up urine from carpets, with these products you can ensure that your dog does not cause you any unnecessary problems.