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How To Select Pee Pads For Puppy Training

How To Select Pee Pads For Puppy Training

Training a new puppy can be a real challenge. If you have just brought home a welcome new addition to your family, you should focus on their house training as a priority. If you were not to quickly try to adapt their behavior, you may have a big problem on your hands. What you should understand is that your new pet will be completely ignorant of the fact that your expensive carpets and rugs are not where they should be urinating. To help make the task of training a lot easier and less messy, it would be in your interest to invest in special pet pee pads.

A pee pad is a big step up from placing newspaper on the floor in an area which you believe your dog is going to urinate. They are made from a special material that absorbs urine and stops it from damaging your flooring. There are various products available today designed for this purpose, to help you select the right brand check out the tips outlined below.

There are a number of factors you should explore when deciding on which particular pad to buy. One issue that is likely to determine which products you shortlist is the price. There are budget options available, but these may not be such a good quality compared to the more expensive options. Set yourself a price range and understand that a cheap supply of pads is better than none at all.

Size is also an important issue. Some puppies are bigger than others. It would be frustrating to invest in pads only to discover that your puppy tries to use them but keeps failing due to an inadequate size. Always check the packaging on various products to get an indication as to whether the size would be large enough for your pooch's training.

It would be useful if you were to choose a scented product. This does not mean that the pad would contain a pleasing smell that masks the odor, what the scent actually is is a fragrance that would actually encourage your pup to use the pad. When training a young puppy you will need all the help you can. Scented products can make the task a lot easier.

Not every pee pad design is eco-friendly. If you care about the environment and do not want to unnecessarily contribute to a build up of non-recyclable waste, opt for those products that are biodegradable. There are a number of eco-friendly designs on the market. Though these may cost slightly more, the money would be well spent.

You should check out reviews online before making a purchase. By reading the opinions of other dog lovers you should be able to make an informed decision. Steer clear of products for which there is little or no information available.

Pee pads can make puppy training a lot more straightforward. It can remove the problem of having to frequently clean urine from your floor. Such products are best used as soon as you introduce your new home to a puppy, do not wait until bad habits become the norm.