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Learn How To Use Puppy Pads To Housebreak A Dog

Learn How To Use Puppy Pads To Housebreak A Dog

When new puppies need to be housebroken, puppy pads can be invaluable tools. Many dog owners simply lack the time required to painstakingly teach a young dog where it should potty. As a result, many of these owners simply have to suffer through the frustration and annoyance that occur when dogs urinate or defecate in the home. When a quality pad is used properly, those problems can be eliminated.

The key is to learn how a pad can be used to best effect. It is not enough to simply place a potty sheet down on the floor and trust the animal to use it when needed. The goal is to not simply provide an area for animal waste, but to use it as a tool to potty train the dog. To accomplish that objective, there are several steps that must be followed.

The first step involves selecting the right pad product. Owners should avoid most of the generic brands, and opt instead for a quality pad designed for maximum effectiveness. The pad should consist of cotton or other absorbent fibers attached to a plastic sheet for wetness retention. It is also wise to get pads that have been treated with pheromones that are pleasing to puppies.

That pad should then be placed in a particular location within the house. In larger homes, it may be advantageous to place them in several locations, so that the animal has more options and fewer accidents. As a general rule, however, one area should be selected. That way, the dog will associate the pad with his bowel and bladder activities.

Puppies always have their own unique way of acting when they need to go potty. It is the job of the owner to learn what these telltale signals are, so that the animal can quickly be directed toward the potty pad when necessary. In the beginning of the process, puppies will need to be led to the site. In rapid fashion, however, they grow accustomed to the routine.

Over the course of several weeks, the pad's location should be moved. Gradually place it closer and closer to the door that the dog will have to exit when it begins to go outside for its potty breaks. Eventually, the animal will grow accustomed to going to the door when it needs to go outside to empty its bladder or bowels.

Throughout the process, use positive affirmation to reward any young dog. Many owners make the mistake of yelling at their animals when accidents occur, but that can be counterproductive. Praise puppies when they do well, and they will respond with rapidly improving development. Treats, a scratch behind the ear, and a loving hug can be the best training tools available.

When the pad training method is used properly, most young dogs will be completely housebroken within a few short months. While accidents may still occur on an infrequent basis after training is complete, these incidents should become less and less commonplace. In fact, most dog owners will discover that puppy pads help them to housebreak their animals quicker than they've ever dreamed possible.