• EC3 EV Report
    EC3 EV ReportEC3 EV ReportEC3 EV Report

    I am extremely grateful for the support provided by industry leaders to help achieve our objectives. It is with no exaggeration when I say that a good part of our rapid uptake has been a result of the work produced by traffic marketing + design.

    Andrew Bowerbank
    President, Chief Strategy Officer
    EC3 Initiative


    EC3 EV Report

    client objectives

    The EC3 Initiative hosted the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Workshop with a primary objective to facilitate cross sector engagement. Industry leaders representing automotive, construction, and utility sectors came together to review the advancements in plug-in electric vehicle technology and consider strategies for market adoption through buildings and infrastructure. traffic designed the 40-page Report of the Workshop's discussions.

    design solution

    Bold blocks of colour paired with stunning photographs highlight key components of the copy. A fresh colour pallet of blues, greens and whites emphasizes the report's overall goal – to provide a clean, carbon free environment for future generations. Elegant use of typography throughout the report complements the sophisticated nature of the information and successfully navigates the reader through the document.

    marketing driven graphic design

    traffic marketing + design inc. is a design driven B2B communications agency that helps you to communicate sustainability. traffic creates strategic corporate identities, websites and sales + marketing collateral designed to generate business results.

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