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Puppy Pad Directions

Puppy Pad Directions

Carefully unfold and put the puppy pad on the floor.  Face the plastic side down and the absorbent tissue side up.  Be sure to keep the pad in an area that is easily accessed by your pet.  Do not place the pad near his/her sleeping or eating area to discourage going potty in those areas.

If using the scented puppy pads, they will attract your dog and encourage him/her to go potty on the pad.  Strongly praise your puppy when you see them use the pads.  Using positive reinforcement will make your puppy want to please you by using the pad.  If your puppy does not go on the puppy pad, don't punish him/her or let them know you're upset.  Gently lead them as quickly as possible back to the pad and use whatever key phrase (Go potty, hurry up, go wee wee, etc) you have decided on to let the puppy know this is the spot to go potty.

If you are using the puppy pads for house training and eventually want to teach him/her to go outside follow this process:

1.  Start by placing the puppy pad where you want the dog to go potty in the house for starters.

2.  Once the puppy has started to use the puppy pads, gradually begin moving the pad towards the door leading to the outside area you'd like them to potty.

3.  Get the puppy pad as close to the door leading to the outside area you've chosen then try to observe the puppy just before or as they are using the puppy pad by the door.  Move the pad and the puppy just outside the door and praise him for using the pad outside.

4.  Gradually move the pad to the outside area you've chosen and let the puppy go several times on the pad in this area until they seem comfortable.

5.  Once the puppy has used the puppy pad outside several times, you should be able to remove the pad and allow the puppy to begin going outside without relying on the pad.

6.  Always be patient with your puppy and happily praise them.  Never show them anger or aggression as this will work against your goals and the puppy's obedience.

Once your dog has used the puppy pad, fold up the edges one by one and toss in the trash.  It's that easy.