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Puppy Pads Help House Train Little Ones

Puppy Pads Help House Train Little Ones

Training little dogs where to relieve themselves indoors can be an arduous undertaking. Homeowners may have to deal with several accidents before their young pets understand the process. A lot of folks use newsprint to accomplish this task. However, papers are not strong once they become wet. If pups use them, the clean up can be messy. They also are not designed to attract animals looking for a place to do their business. Puppy pads designed specifically for this purpose make the job easier.

Most dogs want to please their owners. They also thrive on routine. Both of these characteristics play into the teaching process. Good behavior must be rewarded. In addition, the floor coverings used for training should be placed in the same areas consistently. These two factors are keys to successfully teaching doggies where they should relieve themselves.

Start small when first training pets. Young dogs should not be expected to wander the entire house looking for the spots where they should relieve themselves. Select a location where pups can be confined. Bathrooms and storage areas are good choices. If pooches do not react well to being put in these spaces, use gates to restrict them to more open areas. Put the floor coverings on which doggies should do their business in an area away from where they eat and sleep.

Become aware of signals which indicate that pooches need to relieve themselves. Pick the pups up when these indicators occur. Place the doggies on the puppy pads. Use a one word command such as bathroom to let the little ones know what they are supposed to do. Stay with them. Be lavish with praise if the pets use the coverings for the intended purpose.

Help puppies out by establishing a routine. As soon as they wake up in the morning, take them to the appointed area. After they eat, make a visit to the spot where they should do their business. Before lights out, once again place them on the floor coverings. Little dogs may also need to have bathroom time after exercising. Reward every successful visit with verbal praise.

Do not keep the floor coverings used to train the doggies longer than they are designed to last. The odor from them will become unpleasant for human occupants of the house. It will also be detrimental to the teaching process. Just like people, pets want clean places to go the bathroom.

Expect accidents to happen. Never hit puppies who fail to relieve themselves in the right spots. Do not rub their noses in the messes they have made. This is humiliating the animals, not teaching them. If they are caught during the act, shout one word or clap hands to interrupt the process. Pick the doggies up and take them to the right area. Once they have completed their business, reward them.

In order to teach young dogs where they should relieve themselves, owners must be consistent. They must also reward proper behavior. Place puppy pads appropriately, establish a routine, lavish praise and house training doggies becomes easier.