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Puppy Training Pads Help Prevent Messy Indoor Accidents

Puppy Training Pads Help Prevent Messy Indoor Accidents

In an ideal world, every new pup could run freely without worrying about the restrictions of city living. In reality, urban canine co-existence requires learning very early in life when and where elimination is permitted. Most dogs are intelligent enough to pick up those rules fairly quickly, but some need extra guidance. Puppy training pads help eliminate messes and keep owners happy.

The bad-old-days of smacking puppies with newspapers, or rubbing their noses in excrement as punishment are long over. That counter-productive approach only makes young animals feel nervous and confused, does little to inspire good habits, and often creates more behavioral issues than it solves. Some puppies urinate simply because they are excited, and deserve guidance, but no real punishment.

One key to faster learning is positive, consistent, and clear direction, followed by emotional reinforcement. Results are often best when dog owners have a realistic attitude towards elimination, and do not over-react to an accident. Dogs are keenly sensitive to human body language and tone of speech, and will not respond well to learning methods dominated by harsh or negative commands.

Some pet owners intend for their dog to go outdoors only, and disregard these training aids. Long work hours, personal physical problems, or even bad weather can all interfere with taking timely walks, however, and a strategically placed pad can save the unpleasantness of cleaning up a mess. While not always appropriate for daily use, they can often save time, effort, and frustration.

Each individual pad has been chemically treated with a fragrance intended to make a dog want to go, but undetectable to human noses. For the best outcome, there should be a consistent effort to show a pup plainly where to eliminate through repetition and encouragement. Place them in the same location each time, and make sure that padded spill-catchers are always fresh and available.

Confining the new pup to a safe area during this period often works best, and any small, secure room with an easy-to-clean floor is ideal. Using a folding exercise pen fence that is appropriately sized, create a comfortable space that includes an inviting bed, and keep the pads well away from it. Most dogs will not eliminate right next to a sleeping area.

Stick to a strict schedule. Place your dog on the pad when she wakes up from a nap, or right after eating or playing. Those are the times when elimination is most natural, and may be accompanied by tell-tale circling or sniffing. Replace soiled material as quickly as possible to prevent odors, and be vocal and loving in your praises for good behavior. Some animals take a little longer than others to catch on, but all eventually learn to stop making random messes.

Larger breeds usually prefer eliminating outdoors, especially when grown. It may take a little more work to teach them how to use puppy training pads when younger, but saving even one carpet from being accidentally stained is well worth the effort. Check your pet supply store for brand availability, and do not delay teaching your dog how to best live indoors.