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The Advantages Of Pee Pads For Pets

The Advantages Of Pee Pads For Pets

If you are tired of mopping up doggie accidents every time you come home from work, pee pads could be the answer. Touted as being great for housebreaking puppies as well as for geriatric canines, these absorbent pads can even be used for cats assuming they will not claw them to bits instead.

Based on the same principle as disposable diapers for babies, they were originally intended for single use only. However the environmental lobby will be pleased to know that washable, reusable pads are now on offer. This makes for greater economy too.

If you plan to teach your pup that his bathroom is outside, using a pad can only be a part of a bigger routine. Otherwise he will quickly associate the pad with the place to relieve himself and may refuse to use the great outdoors at all. The pads are supposedly impregnated with a scent to make them attractive to puppies that will happily pee on them. Once this routine is established, the idea is to move the pad or pads nearer and nearer to the door in stages until you finally put pad and pup outside together. The problem may arise when you try to do away with the pad if puppy has become too attached to it as the place to pee.

There may be occasions when you have to be away from home for a prolonged time and there is no one to let your friend out, then these products can be useful. Undoubtedly better than your favorite carpet or cushion which Fido might use in desperation. However again there is the risk that they may become addictive if used for a protracted period.

Another use is for an older incapacitated and/or incontinent dog. If he has always gone outside to answer calls of nature it will be as distressing for him as it is for you that accidents keep on happening. The great advantage is that the urine is absorbed so there is no mess or smell to deal with. Just remove it and throw it away or wash if it is a re-usable one. This makes for a better quality of life for the dog and for you too.

Cats that live in apartments can also get used to eliminating on the pad, especially as they get older. The only trouble can be their claws. They do have a tendency to scratch over their pee or poop and this can ruin the pee pads. Some older animals have however got used to using them and seem to appreciate them too.

Training your new puppy not to mess in the house can be quite a bother though like kids and potty training some learn much quicker than others. If you are having problems it is a great idea to try out this method. Even if your pup does get a bit addicted to the pad it is better than being addicted to your Persian rug or, worse still, your bed.

If you take your four-legged friend with you on holiday take some pee pads along. Being in a strange house or hotel and even making a long car journey can be stressful. Better to be prepared.