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The Uses Of Dog Diapers

The Uses Of Dog Diapers

For many folks, bringing a new puppy home is one of the most thrilling experiences there is. For animal lovers, pets are a part of the family and they treat animals as if they are their own children. Some people use dog diapers as an aid for housebreaking new puppies, but when dogs get older is the time these devices most often prove their usefulness.

Anyone who has ever raised a puppy probably knows puppies tend to be rambunctious, playful, and curious. As adorable as these little balls of fluff may be, dealing with them going to the bathroom in the house can be stressful. Many people feel life with the new pup would be much easier if they did not have to deal with potty accidents.

Housebreaking is not an easy feat. Dogs do not instinctively know that you want to keep your carpets and floors free of urine and feces. To a dog, your floors are no different than the ground outside. For a puppy, the difference is not an easy thing to comprehend. It takes quite a bit of time, persistence, and patience in order to make them understand.

If you choose to put a diaper on your puppy, you must keep in mind he or she is probably not going to be comfortable with it right off the bat. It is a lot different than putting a baby person in one. Baby people do not have teeth or the ability to rip a diaper off with them. You can train a puppy to wear them, but you should not expect it to be easy.

Some people like to put their female dogs in a diaper when they are in heat. If she leaves it alone, this can spare you having to clean up spots of blood left on the floor. However, you should keep in mind that a diaper will not deter male dogs from mating with her. You will also have to change it frequently to prevent infection.

As great as the thought of not having to deal with messes in the house might be, putting a diaper on an active, healthy animal will probably be a disaster. A dog diaper is best suited for canines that are sick/debilitated. Whether they are puppies or adults, if they are not able to get up and out the door due to ill health, chances are the diaper will stay in place.

Diapers can be used for several reasons. However, before you use one on a healthy animal, remember it will probably be a challenge. If you have an injured or sick animal, the likelihood of success will be much greater.

Dealing with sick animals is often a sad, nerve-wracking experience. Stress levels can go even higher when messes have to be cleaned up constantly. Keeping your sick canine in dog diapers can help alleviate some of the stress for both you and your animal; especially if your dog knows he or she is not supposed to be going on the floor, but due to inability to move, they cannot make it outside in time.