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Tips For Using Washable Pee Pads

Tips For Using Washable Pee Pads

Families love to adopt puppies and include them as members of the family. However, these young pets can be difficult to train, especially if they have just been weaned and have no experience being an indoors pet. People might get upset when their puppy has an accident on the carpet or on the family's hardwood flooring. Rather than punish the pup or put it outdoors, people might find it easier to use washable pee pads. These training aides can be used to teach the puppy where to go to the bathroom. When they get saturated, these cloths can be washed and used again.

Knowing where to place these cloths might be difficult at first. Puppies like to smell everywhere in a house as a way to orient itself to its surroundings. These young creatures are also naturally curious. Because they have the natural instinct to leave behind their scent, these pets are also prone to going to the bathroom in off-limits areas.

Some people might be tempted to follow around their dog and place the pad wherever the dog sniffs. However, pet experts suggest otherwise. Rather than serving the dog, owners are often advised to place the pad in one location and then training the animal to go to that location when it needs to relieve itself. This suggestion can require that pet owners be aware of what their puppy is doing at all times for the first week or so.

When a person notices the pup preparing to relieve itself, he or she may pick up the puppy and take it to the cloth. The dog may or may not go in that location. It may take constant reinforcement to teach the animal that this spot is where it can go to the bathroom.

People are advised to be patient, yet consistent. Additionally, when they notice that the puppy is going somewhere where it should not, they can pick up the pup and move it immediately to that cloth. In time, the animal can learn where it can go to the bathroom and where it should avoid.

These cloths also can be used for older dogs that are already house trained. When a family goes out of town, they may not take their pet with them. If they plan to leave their canine in the house for a few days, they can leave a pad on the floor for the pet to use.

When they need to wash the cloths, owners might be instructed to put them in the washer and clean the cloths with hot water and bleach. The hot water will get rid of all of the urine from the fibers. The bleach kills germs and bacteria, as well as odors.

Families who want to train their puppies often use washable pee pads. These aides may be cleaned and reused. Individuals do not have to waste money on disposable padding. They can be placed throughout the house and be used to teach animals where to relieve themselves. It also helps individuals who must leave their dogs alone in the house for a few days.