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Train Your Puppy With Pee Pads

Train Your Puppy With Pee Pads

Pee pads are a simple, hygienic, and affordable way to encourage a puppy to stop urinating on your home's carpets. There is no denying that a puppy can be a welcome additional to a household. They are full of life and vitality. The initial enthusiasm that your family greets their pet with can soon turn to disdain and frustration if they continually relieve themselves on expensive rugs and carpets.

At the outset you should not get angry at your puppy for this unwanted action, after all they are yet to realize what is right and wrong. It would be in your interest to try and correct their behavior from the outset. Thanks to pee pads you can quickly ensure that your home's flooring is not ruined with yellow stains and unwanted odors.

Your new dog is not going to use a pee pad without any initial encouragement from you. Although most of these products are impregnated with a scent that is supposed to attract dogs to use the pad for urinating, it is likely you will need to train them to develop such a habit. The best way to do this is to keep a keen eye on your puppy. Whenever you think he is about to pee, pick him up and physically place him on the pad.

Most dogs stick to an obvious routine. For example, they are most likely to want to pee after waking up and after eating. It should not take you long to learn when you need to keep the closest watch over them.

Do not let your puppy play with the pad. If they were to think of the product as a chew toy, it is less likely that they will use it for the right reason. Keep the pad in a room away from where they usually sleep. For example, the kitchen would be a good choice. Moreover, the kitchen floor would be easy to clean if they happened to miss the target.

You should make a conscious effort to praise your dog when they use the pad in the way that it has been designed for. All dogs like to receive praise. They do not want to disappoint. Focus on praising good behavior as opposed to being overly stern when they do something that you disapprove of.

Once they have become used to the pads, the next step would be to encourage them to go outdoors when they need to urinate. To help bring this about, place the pad next to your back door, once they have become used to this position, you should move it outdoors. Let them know that the position has changed and they should take to the new location without too much problem.

Using pee pads is an effective way to help instill the right behavior in your puppy. Without too much effort you should be able to get them to develop good habits that last a lifetime. Nobody likes cleaning up dog pee from carpets. By using these products you should not have to.