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Using Puppy Pads To Housebreak A Young Dog

Using Puppy Pads To Housebreak A Young Dog

For families with new puppies, puppy pads can be a great way to housebreak the young dog. Potty training can be a difficult and time-consuming process. It can also be extremely frustrating, since most younger dogs will have accidents at one point or another. The right kind of training pad can make all the difference in the world.

The use of a pad is somewhat similar to the traditional paper training that many dog owners used decades ago. In those days, the owner would place newspapers down on the floor, usually in one general location. When the dog showed signs that it needed to urinate or defecate, his owner would simply lead him to the papers and wait for him to complete the task.

While that technique was effective, it did have its disadvantages as well. For one thing, the newspapers would develop a foul smell after only one use, which forced the homeowner to constantly replace them. There was also no way to effectively protect the floor from damage, since urine could easily leak through the papers. In short, the cleanup was an ongoing process.

The design of the modern pad helps owners to avoid those drawbacks. While the concept remains the same, the new technologies used in each pad offer protections that the old newspaper system simply couldn't match. Most are made from cotton mats or other absorbent fibers, and contain a plastic sheeting that helps to prevent leakage. This design does a superior job of protecting both floors and carpets from the damage that leaks can cause.

The modern designs have made housebreaking easier in one other respect as well. Because most of the brand name pad products use pheromones to provide an enticing scent, puppies will be drawn to them with very little guidance from their human partners. That can help to eliminate the need for constant monitoring, once the young dog has been properly introduced to its pad.

Anyone who has ever used a newspaper or magazine for this training will already be familiar with the process used to train a dog on a pad. That makes it an easy option for any dog owner who lacks the time for complex training systems. The pad system is designed to be used in exactly the same way that people once used newspapers.

When using these products, it is important that the trainer remember a few key things. Positive reinforcement should always be a primary goal, since yelling at an animal who makes a mistake will only set back its progress. In addition, trainers have to remember to gradually move the pad closer to the exit door of the house, since the transition to outdoor potty activity will eventually have to be made.

Above all else, expect accidents. Even the best puppy training products and systems are never foolproof, and accidents will happen no matter how vigilant the human owner might be. With time and effort, however, any young dog can be properly housebroken. The good news is that these puppy pads can enable owners to accomplish that goal with a minimum of fuss and mess.