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Washable Pee Pads And Their Many Uses

Washable Pee Pads And Their Many Uses

Washable pee pads are an excellent teaching aid for housebreaking your new puppy. They save a lot of money over buying disposable products and they are good for the environment. There are many other uses for these products besides housebreaking, and here are some to consider.

Perhaps your dog must spend time alone in the home. For some pets this is not a problem but your pet may experience separation anxiety. Some dogs react to anxiety with temporary loss of bladder control.

If a dog has a strong urge to urinate and it is stuck indoors, it may have to use the floor. If your pet has a pad for urinating it will make it easier for you and also help to lessen anxiety, as your dog does not want to do something that displease you. This makes everyone in the home a little happier and content.

Dogs with separation anxiety sometimes act out due to frustration and anger. If you leave a disposable pad on the floor the dog may tear it up and leave bits of pad all over the home. This is why washable pee pads are the best choice for dogs that are prone to anxiety.

If you are on vacation with your pet you may wish to consider some kind of pad. If your dog is traveling in the car it may best to place pads over the seats. Reusable type products are best for this as they tend to be softer and more comfortable than the disposable kind. In fact, you can cover the entire back seat and floor with washable pee pads and it will not look tacky.

If your pet is traveling in a carrier or crate you may want to place a pad in the bottom of it. This is especially important if the pet is not used to travel. A pad is a good idea for cats as well as dogs, as they help to prevent accidents inside your vehicle.

There are several places in the home that you can place a reusable pad. For instance, some dogs are messy eaters or drinkers by nature. They do not intentionally spill food or water all over the floor, but it still happens. If you want to avoid messes place a reusable pad under the food and water dish. Every few days you can wash the pad and replace it. In fact, it may be best to have more than one pad so you can alternate them.

A pad under the water dish will soak up most spills. This makes it safe for everyone in the home. For example, your dog's water bowl may be in the kitchen and spilled water on the floor can be a safety hazard.

Washable pee pads can be placed under the sheets of young children and older adults. This helps to protect the mattress. Place them in dog beds for pets that are incontinent, for protection. You can find many uses for washable pee pads and you can save a lot of money when you buy them online.