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Washable Puppy Pads Reduce Costs And Odor

Washable Puppy Pads Reduce Costs And Odor

House breaking a young dog requires a firm but loving approach. Successful trainers also need to be consistent and have the proper supplies. Some people opt to cover the designated area with newspaper. Others use disposable floor coverings specifically designed for the task. Washable puppy pads provide pooches with a pleasant environment and, over time, are more cost efficient.

Pups must know what they are expected to do and be rewarded for appropriate behavior. They also want and deserve clean, odor free locations in which to take care of their business. When training them, some people use newspapers. This source has the advantage of being cheap and readily at hand. However, it is not water proof or strong. Pet waste leaks through it easily. During clean up the material may break apart leaving an even bigger mess.

Newspaper has other disadvantages which can prove detrimental to the teaching process. It is noisy and might scare young dogs. In addition, the material does not adhere to the surface upon which it is laid. If pooches sniff around it prior to use or scratch around after the act, they may move it out of place. Thus, solid and liquid waste can contaminate the area. These disruptions may distract pups from the lessons they are supposed to be learning.

Disposable floor coverings intended for this purpose eliminate some of these disadvantages. They are waterproof and most are designed to stick to surfaces. Some designed specifically for house breaking are treated to attract young dogs to the area. Once used, owners pick them up and put them in the garbage. Throwaway products do have one major disadvantage. They are expensive.

Washable puppy pads have multiple advantages. They adhere temporarily to the areas being covered. Many have multiple layers which prevent waste from leaking onto flooring. All of them are stronger than newspapers. Many are more resilient than disposable products. Being tougher than similar materials makes it more difficult for pooches to tear them. They also hold more liquid and solid waste. Fewer disposals mean they do not add as much volume to landfills making these mats kinder to the environment.

The toughest of these products may stand up to two hundred fifty washings. In order to use them this many times, the mats must be taken care of correctly. Put the coverings down in appropriate areas. Clean waste off of them as soon as possible. Use disinfectants to keep the coverings sanitary and smelling fresh.

These materials do cost more initially. However, the price diminishes over the life of the mats. Additionally, due to their strength, liquids are less likely to seep through them and damage floors or carpets. Pooches may also like multi use products more than newspapers or flimsy single use padding.

Heavy duty floor coverings make it easier to house break young dogs. They also create a more pleasant and sanitary environment for humans and pets. Although more expensive than single use disposable mats, the cost decreases over time given their long life. Washable puppy pads provide owners and doggies with an affordable, hygienic alternative to lesser products.