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Washable Puppy Pads Vs Disposable Products

Washable Puppy Pads Vs Disposable Products

If you are interested in house training your young dog, you may wish to invest in some type of pad. Basically you have two major choices when it comes to pad selection. You can purchase disposable products that you use and then throw in the trash. You also may buy washable puppy pads that are reusable. Here is a look at some of the good and bad things about these products.

When you examine these two products the first thing that is apparent is cost. As many households must deal with tight budgets, family members may have no choice but to go with the most cost effective option. When it comes to price, a pad that can be reused time and time again is far cheaper.

You may pay more for reusable products. However, you are not constantly buying them as with the disposable pads. This saves money over a period of time.

Absorbency is perhaps just as important as cost when it comes to potty training. After all, you need something with maximum absorbency or there is little use in using a pad in the first place. Although disposable products can be very absorbent, it is possible to buy washable puppy pads with a great deal more absorbency. However, this depends on the product that you buy. It is very important to research products and go with ones with as much absorbency as you can find.

Durability is another important issue when dealing with puppies, as young dogs are notorious for playing and chewing. If you are not there to constantly supervise your pet you could soon have an enormous mess on your hands with a disposable pad. Your dog may chew and shred and you could find yourself with pieces of urine soaked pad all over the house and furniture. This can be a most unsettling sight for any pet owner.

If your dog shreds a disposable pad it may come in contact with its own waste material. This is not very healthy or hygienic. It is also very unhealthy for everyone else that lives in the home. When you have a reusable pad, it is very unlikely that it will become torn or shredded, as these products are made to be very durable.

Many pet owners are conscious of the environment and they try to buy things that will not fill up the local landfills. A disposable pad is thrown into the trash when used and it will eventually end up in the landfill. There is only so much space available in landfills and once full, more land must be used. In addition, toxic materials from landfills may eventually make their way into streams and the local environment. Reusable products are good for the environment and considered to be "green".

If you compare washable puppy pads and disposable ones, disposable products are convenient and save time. This may be a good option for people with busy schedules. However, if you are extremely busy it may be a good idea to reconsider a new puppy at this time.