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What Size Puppy Pad Do I Need?

What Size Puppy Pad Do I Need?

Many of our customers often inquire about what size puppy pad they need for their dog. The real answer is that each dog owner has their own personal preference. Some small dog owners like a very larger size like a 36x36 pad while some large dog owners can get by with an average size pad like a 23x24. It really depends on your dog and your training of the dog and their resulting potty habits.

With the being said about puppy pads size choices, we recommend the following size chart based on pad size and dog size:

Small Dogs (Under 15 Pounds) - 17x24 or 23x24 Puppy Pad

Medium Dogs (16-35 Pounds) - 23x24 or 23x36 Puppy Pad

Large Dogs (36-75 Pounds) - 23x24, 23x36 or 30x30 Puppy Pad

Extra Large Dogs (76 Pounds and Up) - 23x36, 30x30, 36x36 or 30x50 Puppy Pad

Please keep in mind the above chart is just a reference chart and is by no means something that you, the dog owner, must adhere to when choosing puppy pads. Like we mentioned previously, each dog is unique and each dog's potty habits are unique. Some dogs can hold it longer than others, while some dogs may also simply eliminate larger amounts than other dogs their same size or larger. There are a number of mitigating factors that come into play and sometimes plain old trial and error is the best way in determining the right puppy pad for your dog.