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What You Need To Know About Male Dog Diapers

What You Need To Know About Male Dog Diapers

Maybe you have an elderly, sick, or young puppy that is incontinent or incapable of holding his urine. Incontinence in dogs is fairly common as they age and also common in younger dogs who haven't yet matured enough to have full bladder control. These scenarios can create a lot of aggravation and inconvenience. Pee stains and stench on carpet, furniture, as well as hardwood flooring can be hard, if not impossible to eliminate. One remedy for male dog urinary incontinence is the male dog diapers.

A number of things that renders your dog a candidate for diapers include: being in the process of housebreaking, marking territory in the house, urinary control problems, as a result of illness or age, or if he suffers from an uncontrollable bladder when excited.

Male dog diapers are available in two major varieties: reusable and disposable. The reusable diapers are usually in a "wrap" form, commonly known as belly bands and manufactured from different varieties of cloth. They can be used on their own or in conjunction with a disposable or washable liner to increase absorption. These wraps work by wrapping under the male dog's belly and usually secure with velcro on his toppling. The disposable diapers are more gender neutral and can be used on female or male dogs alike. The disposable diapers will also contain urine in addition to feces, while the belly bands work to only contain urine.

Vets advise that you have your dog's fur clipped around his sex organs to prevent rashes and other infections. Diapers, whether washable or disposable, ought to be changed frequently to avoid bladder infections and skin irritation. You may also need to wash your dog's genital area and inner hind legs a few times per day to help avoid urine burns.

Male dog diapers can be useful when house-training a dog, but shouldn't be regarded as an alternative to proper training. Dogs who turn out to be incontinent on account of illness or injury may need retraining after they have been weaned from the diapers. Geriatric dogs may need diapers for the long-term, therefore making comfort and sturdiness crucial.